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If you are looking to sell scrap metal, then find your nearest scrap metal dealer through our database. We have established scrap metal dealer operating across the UK and are able to provide services in most locations in Britain.

In the ever changing world of scrap metal, we are the constant that offers services that put you, the customer, at the front. In our blogs we keep you informed of the implications of movement in the metals market, in other words, the scrap metal dealers on our database will give you real time prices.

With this in mind, we are looking to maximise your profits, and ensure that you receive the best possible prices for your scrap metal. Our database is built to suit your requirements, and your local merchantr will ensure that you have all the information that you need to sell metal. Find out what they can do for you with one quick phone call.



Who's Approved

Welcome to Approved Metal Recyclers - AMR. We have been set up to help genuine metal sellers find genuine metal buyers. We have sourced a network of reputable metal merchants across the whole of the UK who have been Scrap Metal Grabberapproved after meeting the criteria. By entering your post code into the search box above AMR will automatically search all our members to find your nearest approved metal merchant.

Once you enter your postcode this will search local approved metal merchants with a 20 mile radius. The search results will show you your nearest approved metal merchant first and then the next closest and so forth. Each metal merchant has their own unique information page giving you up to date prices of copper and other metals. The information page also has contact details, about the company, map and directions.


Fighting Metal Crime

The spiralling value of scrap metal has led to an increase in metal crime and everything from valuable works of art to drain covers are being stolen for sale to unscrupulous scrap metal dealers. Here at Approved Metal Recyclers we are committed to fighting metal crime and are working with various bodies to this aim.

The consequences of stealing metal can be fatal, we have seen the instance of a hospital having to suspend operations due to having the copper stolen from its emergency back up generator. Scrap metal crime also causes massive disruption to daily life as thieves target the transport network for what they regard as easy pickings.

In league with local scrap metal merchants all over the U.K. we will work towards eradicating metal crime and with your help we will help to reduce it.


Types of Scrap Metal

Scrap metal comes in two types, ferrous and non ferrous, with ferrous being iron and steel and non ferrous being the remainder. These days metal recyclers are seen as being pivotal in sustaining world resources as the ecological consequences of diminishing raw materials are more and more evident.

Governments have realised that recycling scrap metal is vital to maintain the ecological balance of the planet, and we must do what we can to ensure that scrap metal is not wasted. Local scrap metal merchants and recyclers are vital in the role of getting the most from recycled metal

Scrap Metal Bins

Selling Scrap Metal

Our members vary on the size of scrap metal that they will buy, some will take small quantities whilst others have minimum limits.

It is recommended that customers find a scrap metal dealer on our database and then contact them to see if the scrap metal you are selling is what they are looking for.

By using our database you will save yourself time and energy when sourcing an outlet to sell your scrap metal. Some of our members will only deal with commercial organisations, so use the database to best advantage for yourself.



Scrap Metal Aids The World's Diminishing Resources

Public awareness of the plight of the world’s natural resources has led to a new generation that is committed to recycling. Everyday recycling of household waste is done by the local authorities, and scrap metal recycling is done by local scrap metal merchants all over the U.K. and you should only sell metal to licenced merchants.

People are waking up to the fact that scrap metal has a value and if it is sold to approved scrap metal merchants they can make money from it and help protect the Earth’s natural resources. The price of scrap metal should also help in protecting the environment by stopping fly tipping as they find that they can earn from their metal by selling it to the metal merchants.














We operate a no tolerance policy to metal crime and provide facilities to organisations actively involved in fighting it. Approved Metal Recyclers will provide facilities to official bodies to help eliminate this type of crime.

When Approved Metal Recyclers have people sell metal they expect it to be from a legitimate source, and is not stolen scrap metal.




The Law Relating to Scrap Metal Sales

The law regarding scrap metal sales requires scrap metal dealers to be licenced and the onus of enforcing the law falls to local authorities and their liicencing bodies. This law, the Scrap Metal Dealers Act, came into force in 1964 and is being reviewed at the moment in response to calls for a crackdown on metal crime.

The main focus of the act is to create a system of regulation for scrap metal dealers and the law specifies what defines a scrap metal dealer and what defines a scrap metal yard:

(2) For the purposes of this section a person carrying on business as a scrap metal dealer shall be treated as carrying on that business in the area of a local authority if, but only if,—

(a) a place in that area is occupied by him as a scrap metal store, or

(b) no place is occupied by him as a scrap metal store, whether in that area or elsewhere, but he has his usual place of residence in that area, or

(c) no place is occupied by him as a scrap metal store, whether in that area or elsewhere, but a place in that area is occupied by him wholly or partly for the purposes of that business.

(3) Any person at the commencement of this Act carrying on, or thereafter proposing to carry on, business as a scrap metal dealer in the area of a local authority may apply to the authority, on furnishing the authority in writing with the appropriate particulars relating to him, or, as the case may be, with what would be the appropriate particulars relating to him if he were then carrying on the business, to enter those particulars in the register maintained by the authority under this section; and where such an application is made, the local authority shall thereupon enter those particulars relating to the applicant in the register.

Source: The National Archives


Recycling Metal

Most kind of metals can be recycled and the values vary on what the type of metal is. If you are looking for a specific price for when you sell metal then use our database to find your local scrap metal dealer and contact them to see what price you can sell your metal for.

Recycling metal is profitable for the seller, the recycler and the environment.


Scrap Cars

Scrap cars are able to be recycled and various parts can be of use. The most obvious is the scrap metal value, but other things such as tyres and batteries can also be recycled.

Catalytic converters are also worth money in the recycling of metal.



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